The Past Is Buried...

but let's dig it up one last time.

Hatake Kakashi
15 September
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Hatake Kakashi


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Name: Hatake Kakashi

Age: 26

Birthday: September 15th

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150lbs

Affiliation: Police/Investigator:homicide


The Hatake name, once upon a time, was a name respected across the country. Hatake Sakumo was an important figure, chief of police in Konoha's East District. Everyone knew him, respected him. He was an amazingly talented man, his sense of justice and loyalty unshakable. Kakashi always remembered those days with startling clarity when he was younger… but every year they seem to fade just a little more, only clear when he looks back at the photo albums he keeps under his bed… and feels that pang in his heart. He was young at the time things started to change. When his mother died… it was slow, an illness that ate away at her mind and body for almost a year before finally claiming her life. He cried for a long time, he knew that… because if the pain was still this strong...

His father had tried, tried desperately after that to keep smiling… but he knew better. He knew the pain ran even deeper in Sakumo, because he loved his wife, she had been a wonderful woman in life and had never done anything to deserve the fate that had been dealt to her. But despite his best attempts, Sakumo was a changed man. Easier to anger, drinking more, slumping into deep fits of depression. His smile became more and more plastic, the blockade in his eyes that kept the tears back became more and more fragile. And then, at the worst possible time, Sakumo Hatake was accused of embezzling money from the department and for the disappearance of large amounts of drugs from the evidence locker, as he was the only one with the key. Eyes turned on him, the public turned their backs, police investigations ensued.

Even once his name was cleared, Sakumo could never pick himself back up. He got quieter. Didn’t even try to smile anymore, simply wasted the days away, quitting his job, drinking even more, sitting in his chair, never saying a word, but staring at a photograph of his late wife, day in, day out.

It was about two months later, coming home from school that Kakashi walked into their third story apartment to find the lights off. At such a young age, he didn’t question it, but as he ventured farther into their apartment he saw something no seven year old boy should be forced to see. His father was hunched over, the coal poker from the fireplace jutting from his back… and the floor was soaked in blood.

Years of foster homes and psychiatric visits followed, and throughout his childhood, he never really had one place he called home. He became cold, introverted, and quiet. After all, children without parents had no place in the world. No one to call friend, or to care for them. The only constant was his martial arts training. There he could be strong, turn his back on all the accusations, the pain and suffering... the way other children and their parents treated him. It was better than crying all the time, he told himself. But no matter where he went, everyone saw his father’s face in him. He didn’t want that, didn’t want their pity or their disdain. Through his childhood he only managed to make two friends. A redheaded girl named Rin, and a slightly annoying, hyperactive boy named Obito. He wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but he considered Obito to be the only true friend he’d ever had.

But that wasn’t meant to be either. Playing hooky from school, the three of them left to play out in the woods, something they did more often than they should. Rin was attacked, it was by a high school student, or so Kakashi guessed by the uniform he wore, and the two stepped to her defense. Kakashi attempted to fight off the older boy, but when it finally seemed he might have a chance, the boy pulled out a knife. The single slash destroyed his eye, blinding him. Obito jumped in to his defense, but all the commotion and struggle had an adverse effect. The nearby rock formation collapsed, burying both Obito and the older boy. He passed out after that, and awoke in the hospital, one bandage over his eye, and a doctor looming over him.

Rin had disappeared. He never found out what happened to her. But what he did know was that the eye that had been transplanted into his skull, belonged to Obito. The color was slightly different, and the pattern on the iris was different… Kakashi still to this day stares at it whenever he looks into a mirror. The ‘other eye’… it would never, ever be ‘his’ eye. He assumed Obito was dead, he had to be, to donate his eye. No one would ever give him a straight answer.

Everyone who knew Kakashi from that point on would never have guessed the type of person he was before. He made an oath, to live in Obito’s stead. To honor his friends’ lives by doing all he could do, and hiding behind that mask all the pain, guilt and suffering that still tore at his heart. He managed to grow up, still living his life for his friends, teachers and family that had passed, becoming a fairly respectable, if not extremely quirky and eccentric individual. He focused on using his pain to help others, and upon graduating high school, decided without hesitation to go into law enforcement. He took out several loans, and entered police academy on the premise that even though he had suffered greatly, the least he could do was keep others from suffering as much as he did.

Nowadays he can be found in the Konoha Police Department working as a homicide detective. While at work he sticks out like a sore thumb, a young man with white hair, a scar over one eye and a dust mask over his face. No one can deny he's a good cop. His record speaks for itself.


Kakashi is the definition of an oddball. He can never been on time for anything, has a habit of making up childish and ridiculous excuses, and reading romance novels in his spare time. But of course, that is just the surface.

Behind that silly, laid back mask he wears, both literally and figuratively, Kakashi is a respectable, strong, and yet very troubled person. Respecting the past, and honoring those that died is of utmost importance to him. As is his sense of justice and what is right. His personality has been described as if there were two people living in his skin, but when he hears this, he leaves that flat look on his face and doesn’t react in the slightest. Then again, he is defined by his quirks, and there are many.

Kakashi tends to be a bottler, one of the types that feels the pain, hurt and even sometimes joy around him, and tucks it deep into his mind before he can make anything of it. Some people are infuriated by this, others brush it off. He is not necessarily antisocial, but Kakashi tends not to mingle all that much, only calling a select few ‘friend’ though even they aren’t fully aware of his troubled past. He spends a lot of time alone studying case files or outside reading, or practicing at the dojo but almost never goes to parties or social events unless he has a reason to. Work is his life.


Hatake Kakashi is a man of many talents, ranging from in depth strategy, quick wits and to physical and mechanical endeavors. He has a knack for electronics, guns and motor vehicles especially, though his physical prowess is not to be taken for granted. He practices jujutsu and aikido, ranked as Kyuudan in both and was granted menkyo at age sixteen.


Kakashi actually has a surprising number of hobbies for an introverted guy. He enjoys board games like shogi and chess, several types of martial arts, walking his dog and reading. Some even say he has a hobby of confusing others, but that may just be coincidental to his quirky demeanor.

Orientation: Bisexual